Our first official Premium add-on has been out there in the wild for some time now. We would like to thank all those users that have tried and purchased. Because of you, the Product Levels add-on will soon become good manufacturing software solution for not just small stores and business alike.

Bill Of Materials (BOM) is the heart and spine of Product Levels. Many of you, familiar with the additional product types of Raw Materials and Product Parts, are already taking the full benefits of BOM management within WooCommerce.

We already listened to the voice of users and reshaped the ever-growing Manufacturing Central. Store owners can now control the unlimited product connections and see when and how much of materials they will need to keep their stock in green numbers.

However, now, we have decided to go even deeper and within the next few months bring our users these fantastic additions:

  • Creating the link between Inventory Logs and BOM Products. When adding/reducing products using logs the user has the option to add/reduce the stock of attached BOM according to the existing commitment. 
  • Adding the ability to control the products’ inventory levels by their accompanying bill of materials. Not before possible, we will add the option to set the primary sellable product out of stock when their materials or products parts run out.
  • Adding Manufacturing Orders.
  • Adding Picking Lists.
  • Pdf generator for Both Manufacturing Orders and Picking Lists.
  • Adding drag and drop manufacturing planner.
  • Bill of Materials Master Forcast.
  • Bill of Materials full product costing.
  • Adding the option to print or generate the pdf of products’ manufacturing steps.


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Pavel Minarik

Author Pavel Minarik

CEO @ LIVE UK DEALS LTD, the company behind Stock Management Labs™ and creator of ATUM Inventory Management for WooCommerce.

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