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Why online stores are better than brick and mortar ones

Are you considering opening a store and wondering about the pros and cons of online vs brick and mortar? Every one of us has to consider many things when starting a business, including how much capital you have, your marketing strategy, and how much time and effort you want to invest.

While it is never easy to start any business, online stores offer many conveniences and opportunities that retail stores just can’t match.

So let’s examine the many reasons why online stores are better than the brick and mortar kind.

Why Consumers Prefer Online Stores

First, let’s consider consumers.

Everyone loves the convenience of shopping online. We do not have to drag our kids to the store, battle traffic, and find out that the store does not have what we were looking for in the first place. Also, how do we know that we are getting the best deal?

Instead, with online shopping, we can shop from the comfort of own home, quickly compare prices to find the best deal, and buy exactly what we want with the simple click of a mouse.

Why Online Stores Are Better for Small Businesses

Let’s be honest: it takes tons of capital to own and operate a retail store. You’ll have to invest thousands of dollars into getting a store built and ready for business before you make a dime on your investment. Many small businesses just don’t have that kind of cash lying around.

Also, you will have to pick a specific location for your retail store. Are you sure you are choosing the best spot to maximise your revenue? What about all of your customers who do not know where your store is? How do you target them?

Plus, you will have to hire and manage employees for your store and pay rent every month. To pay for all of this, brick and mortar business owners must work long hours.

More Benefits of Online Stores

One of the benefits of having an internet store is that you get to work from home, saving time and money on long commutes. Even if you have a short commute, you are still spending at least an hour or two each day that could be spent efficiently on your business. Working at home means greater convenience and freedoms that you just don’t get from running a retail store.

Also, you get to choose your working hours! Online stores are always open, but that does not mean that you have to be. Your online store can mostly run itself, while you take care of the backend processing.

Plus, if you have a few warehouses, you can ship your products quicker, and these days with overnight delivery, your customers can receive products faster than ever before.  While it still may be faster for them to visit brick and mortar stores, it is much less convenient for them, so you have an advantage.

Of course, having an online store means that you will have to learn about things like SEO, affiliate marketing, pay per click advertising and other means of online marketing. However, there’s a learning curve with starting any new business, and you can always learn on the job.

In the final analysis, online stores offer many advantages and opportunities that brick, and mortar stores cannot.

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