Minimum Costs – Maximum Effectivity

Minimum Costs – Maximum Effectivity with Maintenance, Repair, and Operations Inventory Control.

Balancing these challenging requirements leads to ideal inventory levels. The process is ongoing, as the business needs to react to the changing environment.

The extent or range of stocks management involves the balance between:

  • the carrying costs of stock or inventory
  • management of assets
  • inventory forecasting
  • replenishment lead time
  • inventory pricing and valuation
  • the visibility of inventory
  • future stock price prediction
  • physical inventory control
  • available physical space and its forecast
  • quality management
  • replenishment and returns of defective goods
  • the forecasting of inventory demand

Every shop owner looking to retain the right merchandise array must have their inventory management immaculate. While ordering, shipping and handling, all the associated costs must stay in harmony.

Inventory management also consists of structures and operations that classify inventory requirements. It also sets targets and provide replenishment know-how. Stock or Inventory management addresses the actual and projected inventory status as well.  It handles all functions related to the tracking and management of material.

There is a lot of literature out there where you can find out ways of creating the perfect scenario for your company. You can find tons of helpful articles on Wikipedia too.

The ATUM Plugin

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